Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Boot Liner Review

Customers can read our reviews on Trustpiolt that are left by other website users however they do not get to see our Amazon reviews. We have recieved the below review of our Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2014-2017 Boot Liner and we just had to share it.

"This product might be towards the higher price range compared to some of the other offerings on amazon but I am really pleased I spent a little extra and bought this boot liner.

Firstly the postage: amazon estimated a couple of weeks for it to be dispatched and arrive at my door. I didn't mind having to wait but turns out I didn't need to as 2 days later it's here (courier delivered) and fitted to my car - can't argue with that. It came quicker than it would take me to go to a shop and umm and ahh and dither over which one to buy!

Open the package and the boot liner even has it's own bag and a pretty decent one too, waterproof fabric, zipped sides, no faffing around having to get the liner out of a bunch of silly plastic and I could reuse it to store the liner away at any time should I need to. It's a little thing but it's nice when you're provided with a decent sized bag for your stuff.

And lastly the liner itself...
This review is for a outlander PHEV 2014-present liner just in case that matters to anyone.
The liner is black, in the photo I see on the website it looks blue but in real life it is black as described, it's quilted and slightly padded but not bulky and nice and soft on the quilted side with a tougher fabric on the other side. In the bag are instructions for fitting it, read them as they actually have a few handy reminders such as making sure you've shoved it properly to the back when fitting it as the velcro really is rather sticky.
On fitting it you pop it in the boot then fold the back up against the back seats, clip the straps around the headrests - 3 straps for 3 headrests so no sagging in the middle, then fold the sides up and velcro them into place with the provided sticky back velcro. Yes you do have to stick it to the sides of your car but I peeled some off a few times while fitting to reposition it and it left no marks or residue.

The fit is very good, my car has storage nooks at the sides and the liner has slits in it in the right places to get to your stuff, it fits over the wheel arches and follows the curve of the boot perfectly, the velcro being right at the edge meaning that if you have a large extremely hairy dog like me the hair won't get all behind it. Best of all, the flap that comes down to protect your bumper is huge, they were really generous on this and I'm glad as this was a key feature for me, in fact possibly the most important feature, it covers the bumper all the way down and I don't need to worry about the dog scratching it when getting in and out.

So overall, I would absolutely buy this again if I was to get another car, totally worth the money."