A4 Quattro boot liners are here!

A4 Quattro boot liners have landed at Premier Products! We’ve reached that point in the year where the new 2018 models are finding their way onto our driveways. Are you lucky enough to own the lovely new A4 Quattro E-Sport? Well we have got you covered. Well, we've got the interior of your car covered anyway!

If you’re looking for some hard-wearing protection for your shiny new boot, look no further! The new Audi A4 Quattro boot liner is fully tailored to the measurements of your boot space. It fits snugly into the boot space almost as if the car came with it already installed!

Tell me more!

The fully tailored boot liner also features a snug storage unit on the right side of the boot. This storage unit is equipped with a cargo net to keep your belongings firmly in place at all times. Does it drive you mad and become distracting when things are rolling around in the boot of your car? Anything like a first aid kit or a can of de-icer can stay put when driving and will always be right where you need it.

We’re also happy to confirm that we now sell all our other products for your new Audi. As well as the new Audi A4 Quattro boot liners, we also tailor make all car mats for your shiny new car. We tailor make all of our car mats here on site in the heart of the Midlands. We also personalise them to suit you. You have a choice of 8 different quality levels of mat to pick from. Then why not add a different coloured trim to make them totally personal to you. The options don't stop there. You can have a picture of your choice printed on to your car mats! You can't get more personal than that!

If you want to get your hands on your new accessories for you A4 Quattro then check out our range here.