Top 3 Car Accessories for Winter

With the winter weather approaching, we have the perfect products to protect and keep your car clean.

1. Moulded rubber car mats

The moulded rubber mats offer maximum protection against dirt and water, featuring 10mm raised edges and a honeycomb pattern. The anti-slip backing ensures the car mats stay in place ensuring a pleasant and safe driving experience

2. Semi-Tailored Seat Covers

The seat covers are made from a hard-wearing waterproof 600grm denier polyester or you can upgrade to our 7oz quilted material. Both materials are waterproof and offer the best protection for your vehicle’s seats. The seat covers are super easy to fit! Available in black or grey.

3. Fully Tailored Boot Liners

Fully tailored boot liners are uniquely designed to cover the whole of the boot area; therefore, your boot is fully protected against anything that you need to transport. The boot liner is available in a heavy duty 7oz quilted material, which is fully waterproof and fire retardant. Available in a range of colours.