Walking the Dog Day

Get ready for muddy paws…

Here at Premier Products we’re big animal lovers; we have 2 office dogs and a lot of us have dogs at home as well.  Having a dog is great, unconditional love for us and unconditional belly rubs for them – it’s a win-win situation for all parties.

You know what else is great?

Going for a ‘W’.

Going for ‘Lead Time’.

Going for ‘Some Fresh Air’.

Going for W-A-L-K-I-E-S.

And today is Walking your Dog Day and the sun is shining (for a change).

You know what isn’t so great though? Muddy paws all over your boot’s interior after W-A-L-K-I-E-S or having a pup that’s dived head first into the lake despite asking nicely to not do that exact thing.

If your pooch is anything like our office ladies, they’ll be jumping in the first muddy puddle they see and poking their cute little noses into the first hedgerow on your ‘Lead Time’ to try and find that illusive perfect stick (and then proceed to carry the stick with them for the rest of the ‘Fresh Air Time’, even if it’s twice the size of them!). We love our dogs but we love our cars, so we came up with a solution.

We have a whole range of boot mats and semi tailored / fully tailored boot liners available to help keep your boot nice, clean and free of muddy paws after ‘Going for a W’.

Boot Mats are a hardwearing solution to keeping your boot clean and dry and are available in rubber or carpet with the option of having your dog’s name embroided onto the mat (or your name, or something else – they can’t read but they’ll like it anyway!).

Our Multi-Purpose Boot Liner will fit a variety of cars and doubles up as a dog hammock. It’s waterproof too, so no need to worry about your pet inevitably jumping in that lake.

Our Semi-Tailored is a bit comfier for your four legged friend and can be upgraded to include a bumper flap for a little extra protection for when they are jumping in and out of the boot. Available in different sizes and customisable with different coloured materials and trims.

Fully Tailored Boot Liners will provide the most protection against the aftermath of a walk on a rainy day or deep into the woods with the option of customising and upgrading to include bumper flaps, seat splits and drop backs.

So go on. Pop out whilst the sun’s out and take your dog for a ‘W’!