Boot Liners for 7 Seat Vehicles

Over the last year we have created five tailor made quilted boot liners for vehicles that have 7 seats. 

These boot liners have become very popular and often outsell the boot liners for when 5 seats are in use.

Although it still takes the same amount of time to make a small boot liner, we do use less material. We have always sold the smaller boot liners for the same amount as our larger boot liners until now, saving are being pasted onto our customers.

7 Seat Boot liners now start from £79.99 with Free UK Delivery

Customers can add a bumper flap, dropback or seat split option to our boot liners. These options allow you to drop all or one seat down and still protect your boot space.

If you own a 7 seat vehicle that is not in the above list and would like a boot liner creating for your vehicle please contact us on 01623 645100 or